About Manufacturing Consulting Services

About Manufacturing Consulting Services, Inc.

 In July of 2000 Mr. Ward was approached by the CFO of a cultured marble countertop plant who wanted him to create a plant and lot layout as well as an industrial process design for the plant. In the CFO’s opinion, no one in the plant had the qualifications to do this work. He said the owners would rather not go through the rigmarole of hiring Mr. Ward and then laying him off when the project was done;  so the CFO set a condition that Mr. Ward would have to start a company in order to do the work. Mr. Ward agreed and started Manufacturing Consulting Services, Inc.

 Long story short, the design on this job was so successful and so much fun that since then, Mr. Ward has chosen to continue running the company. In his own words, “I love going into operations in industries that I have never been in and showing people how to make more money and do it with less hassle: this is what I call fun.”

 Mr. Ward has worked with a variety of clients in both manufacturing and service industries. The methods he uses are not industry or even sector specific, they apply as well in government entities as they do in private service or manufacturing entities. The universal principles of Lean, Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma which Mr. Ward assists clients to apply to their operations consistently yield lasting and lucrative results.

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