Executive Coaching (Intensive Companywide Consulting)

We offer intensive, central-constraint-focused, company-wide, business-hassle-and-risk-slaying-while-tripling-your-profits-in-2-years consulting services.  Please see the Why Us? sections for a feel of their effectiveness on our client’s businesses.


Mergers and Acquisitions

For the right group of investors in connection with the right opportunity to purchase a business that could be profitably turned around by these methods, Mr. Ward will arrange the acquisition and direct the turnaround.


Speaking Engagements

Tim Ward is available for speaking engagements to audiences large and small.

Common speaking engagements include:

– Guest lecturer at universities (undergraduate or post-graduate student groups)

– Keynote speaker at conferences or seminars

– Speaking to corporate leadership or company management

– Presenting to economic development groups

and more.

A range of topics commonly addressed include:

– Inter-organizational Strategic Development

– Intra-organizational Strategic Development

– How your firm security, profitability, and hassle levels can all be improved via the combination of The Theory of Constraints, Lean Thinking, and Six Sigma

– Why and how to meld disparate bickering departments into a strategic weapon

– Why the “three-legged-stool” of Finance, Marketing, and Operations metaphor doesn’t work and the Triple-Tiered-Z, a constraints model, does.

– And more.

Mr. Ward is very comfortable speaking in front of large and small audiences alike. A former professor, he is experienced with engaging his audience and teaching principles that have depth and weight.

Mr. Ward is willing to travel, however the Client assumes travel expenses and should arrange for proper accommodations.

The Members area of this site contains the slides from our, “How to Optomize Your Business from Concept to Collection” workshop and tools content.

Please Contact Us to learn more about Mr. Ward’s availability or for more information regarding speaking engagements.


Adjunct or Guest Lecturer

Mr. Ward also periodically teaches these methods as an adjunct or guest lecturer.  Please Contact Us for more information.