How to Optimize Your Business from Concept to Collection – Workshop


In March 2016, one of my affiliates had my workshop videotaped.  Originally it was posted on this page with a password.  However, for a number of reasons, I removed the password in early October 2016.  Here is the workshop video:

Video: How to Optimize Your Business from Concept to Collection – Workshop

To really obtain the most out of this presentation, you will need note-taking materials, a pad of 1.5″ x 2″ Post-it notes and a large hard surface.  I prefer 4-6 feet of butcher paper on a table because the Post-it notes will stick to it 30+ times (unlike normal paper) and you can roll it up for storage and transport.  You will WANT to be able to move some of the Post-it notes several times and still have them stick.

During the presentation, I ask questions of the attendees and wait for them to think about their responses and then vote on different outcomes.  During these times, please write your responses on your notes along with the other workshop attendees.  I’m not interested in perfection, I’m interested in education… in you actually understanding the principles discussed so you can apply them to your own operation.  Whether you answer right or wrong or even mostly right is less important than that you understand sufficiently to apply at the end.  So, please write your responses to these questions during the presentation: you will learn more.

Since this is a Workshop, at the end, I will introduce why and how to map your present operation (or your biggest opportunity, or both) from Concept to Collection.  If you get stuck, contact me so I can help you.  Hint: this map is for finding the large amount of gold hiding in your operation… you just have to know where and how to dig.  So start mapping & digging!

Here are the slides:

How to Optimize Your Business from Concept to Collection – Workshop Slides (large PDF)

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How to Optimize Your Business Process from Concept to Collection – Workshop 1 Evaluation

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