Helix Trap

The Helix Trap

Be careful when you try to do your first tornado helix: you will be tempted to skip phases. This is just a great big trap! The object of the tornado model is to eliminate the pressure of trying to get it perfect in one shot. Instead, the object is to TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT QUICKLY versus take better than your best shot… trying to skip phases. I have tried this way too many times! When I catch myself doing it I try to stop immediately! Skipping phases does not work with people or organizations. People get demoralized if you push them to skip phases.

The tornado-like helix method is mutually exclusive to the perfect-in-one-shot method. People who try to skip phases… or for example try to get phase three results with phase one information… are really trying to do perfect-in-one-shot… even if they portray it as a tornado-like helix. The fastest way to get to phase three is to rapidly take your best full-PDCA shot at phase one and learn what you learn and see what you see. Then, with this information, take your best full-PDCA shot at phase two! This is the fastest, most efficient, best… and only … route to phase three.